Our Approach to Programming

Understanding "Intentional" Programming

Girls Incorporated programming clearly focuses on girls' needs with the intent of making a difference in girls' lives. Through intentional programming, affiliates establish clear purposes for programming efforts or decisions, whether involving environment, staff, process, or content.

Girls Inc. programming recognizes that girls receive messages about their self-worth and capacity in a variety of ways. Affiliates ensure that those messages positively reinforce the purpose of Girls Inc. programming. Girls Incorporated programming affirms that the purpose and philosophy of Girls Inc. programming is everyone in the organization's responsibility. Everyone in the organization monitors their particular environment, behavior, interaction with girls and program activities for the messages they convey.

Understanding "Compensatory" Programming

Girls Incorporated programming compensates for the gender discrimination girls encounter in society, enabling them to overcome barriers to reaching their full potential. Girls Inc. takes a broad-based perspective in discussing compensatory programming, equity, discrimination, and diversity. The critical responsibility in compensatory programming is to look at the inequitable world in which girls are growing up and the messages and rewards girls receive.

Compensatory programming provides girls with experiences and opportunities they are unlikely to receive in school or other settings. Compensatory programming takes into account the various barriers to girls' achievement and enables girls to overcome the barriers. Commitment to compensatory programming means putting girls first and keeping girls' needs paramount.

Ways to Support

Partner with us and support our girls in their quest to become Strong, Smart, and Bold.