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Program Updates FY 2016-2017

We served 148 girls, ages 9-18, at four sites (Pajaro Valley High School, Rolling Hills Middle School, Freedom Elementary School, and Ann Soldo Elementary). We also trained two adult women mentors to facilitate the ECHO Leadership Mentoring program and hired two Youth Leaders to facilitate the programs in their community.

We are proud to say that:

  • We served 16 young women at Pajaro Valley High School and had a retention rate of 88%. The Youth Leaders and volunteer mentors met with participants twice a month in the evenings from 5:30pm-8:00pm, August 2016 to April 2017. The high school girls participated in 15 interactive workshops focused on: goal setting, celebrating our cultures and families, honoring the women who inspire us, basic health care, healthy relationships, requirements for college, nutrition, public speaking, civic engagement, career readiness and resume writing. They also participated in 2 field trips where they had the opportunity to visit at least 3 colleges and the State Capitol in Sacramento.
  • We served 30, 8th grade girls at Rolling Hills Middle School and had a retention rate of 77%. The Youth Leaders met with the 8th grade girls once a week after school and facilitated 10 interactive two-hour sessions that included the following information: how to manage different types of relationships, reproductive health and values, the effects of media messages, bullying, and resisting negative peer pressure and avoiding risky situations. This year we revised the curriculum and added “Dreams and Goals” to give the girls more direction as they prepare to finish their middle school years. In this session, they learned the differences between dreams and goals, and the steps it takes to achieve them. We also made a dream collage to help motivate the girls during their journey to achieving success in life. We also added a session on voting, to illustrate the importance of voting and the struggle people have gone through to gain that right. The culmination of the savvy voting workshop was a mock election, in which the girls voted on candidates and propositions in the 2016 election. The girls were also encouraged to take home information to their parents and discuss what they had learned about the election.
  • We served 30, 7th grade girls at Rolling Hills Middle School and had a retention rate of 70%. The girls participated in the Friendly PEERusasion Program. During Phase 1 of the program, the girls participated in 12 sessions and met once a week, after school. Topics included: communication, stress management, teambuilding & bullying, resisting negative peer & media pressure, tobacco & alcohol awareness, practicing our leadership skills and communication, and setting goals for the future. The last 3 sessions consisted of the 7th graders (PEERsuaders) dividing the activities, preparing scripts, and making agendas in preparation for facilitating the program for elementary school girls during Phase 2.
  • In the second phase of the program we served 40, 4th and 5th grade girls at Freedom Elementary and had a retention rate of 100%. During this phase, the PEERsuaders, with the support of Youth Leaders, facilitated 6 sessions once a week after school. Topics included: the importance of communication, stress management, bullying, tobacco and alcohol awareness, and peer & media pressure.

NEW this year - We were very fortunate to bring the Growing Together Program to Ann Soldo Elementary. Growing Together is a program designed to increase positive communication between mothers (or another significant adult) and their 9-12 year old daughters. We served 16 mothers and 16 daughters and had a retention rate of 69%. The program met once a week in the evening for four sessions. Topics included: Family Values, Problem Solving Strategies, Female Health and Goal Setting.

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