Frequently Asked Questions


What is Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast?

Girls Incorporated of Central Coast is a 501(c)(3) organization that has served the Monterey County community since 2001. We are an affiliate of the national youth organization Girls Incorporated®, a research, education and direct advocacy organization that inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold.

Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast provides vital after-school to girls ages 9-18 to help them develop the values and skills they need to become confident, productive and responsible adults. Our programs and activities are offered at school sites throughout Monterey, San Benito and Santa Cruz Counties.

What makes Girls Inc. of the Central Coast unique?

Girls Inc. programming:

  • Is comprehensive, including modules that develop across four age groups, building on learning from one area to another, rather than organized in short-term activities related to a variety of topics.
  • Is intentionally focused on gender equity, inspiring girls to be strong, smart, and bold; and key issues like pregnancy prevention, rather than general youth development and "safer" topics.
  • Is based on high-quality, longitudinal, national evaluation research, rather than only local evaluation of program quality.
  • Is delivered by professionally-trained facilitators, rather than volunteers who may not have the time or the training to offer excellent programs.
  • Includes role modeling and mentoring as key components where older girls connect with younger girls, rather than groups segregated by age.
  • Provides opportunities for girls to work with a number of adults with a variety of skills, rather than limiting the adults involved to the same one or two people over time.
  • Reaches many girls (of color and from low-income families) who would otherwise be left out of enrichment programs.

How can I get my daughter involved in Girls Inc. of the Central Coast?

Parents can enroll their daughter in a program by contacting the Girls Inc. of the Central Coast office and filling out the necessary forms.

Why does Girls Inc. of the Central Coast only serve girls?

The all-girl environment enables girls to plunge into activities without worrying about whether they belong or not - or whether they are more or less skilled than boys. Gender-specific programming lets girls focus on their real interests, at their own pace, free from distractions and comparisons.

  • To prepare for interesting work and economic independence
  • To accept and appreciate her body
  • To take risks, to strive freely, and to take pride in her success
  • To express herself with originality and enthusiasm
  • To be herself and resist gender stereotypes

What is the cost of Girls Inc. of the Central Coast's programs?

Many of our programs are available at no cost to participants. Some programs, such as our Summer program, Smart Choices at CSUMB are fee-based. The cost will vary depending on family income and set fees. Families should not be discouraged from enrolling their daughter in our programs because of cost. Scholarships or sliding fees are available to those families who demonstrate economic need.

How can I get involved with Girls inc. of the Central Coast as a donor?

There are a variety of ways for individuals, businesses and organizations to support Girls Incorporated:

  • As a donor.
  • Sponsoring bus transportaion to the State Capitol.
  • Providing T-Shirts with your logo for our participants.
  • Sponsoring a girl to attend our summer programs.
  • Sponsoring our annual leadership retreat.
  • Sponsoring our college retreat.

How can I get involved with Girls Inc. of the Central Coast as a volunteer?

Volunteers play a key role at Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast. There are a variety of ways to participate as a volunteer, including:

  • Becoming a mentor for the ECHO Leadership program working with high school girls.
  • Organizing specialty workshops for girls ages 9-18 years old.
  • Organizing the Annual Leadership retreat for high school girls.
  • Joining a committee.

How can I obtain your programs in my school/community?

Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast provides programs based on program requests and funding available. Fee-based programs are also available. If you would like to start a program in your school/community please contact us at (831) 772-0882.

How is Girls Inc. of the Central Coast funded?

Girls Inc. of the Central Coast is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit, tax-exempt agency and operates on a carefully managed budget. Funding comes from individuals, corporations and grants.

How does Girls Inc. of the Central Coast compare to other organizations such as YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, or Girl Scouts?

Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast takes a holistic approach to a girl's life. Our programs focus on educational enrichment. Career and life planning take their educational plans a step further and helps them learn about potential careers and higher education. Members benefit from one-on-one tutoring and homework assistance. Girls also participate in health and fitness classes and work to develop a healthy body image. Other programs include pregnancy and substance abuse prevention, leadership development, and personal safety.

Programs are designed to empower girls to set and achieve goals and make plans for their futures that will enable them to become responsible, self-sufficient women.

What else makes Girls Inc. of the Central Coast unique?

First, Girls Inc. of Central Coast focuses strictly on girls ages 8-18. Second, Girls Inc. of the Central Coast provides research-based and age-appropriate girls-only programs. Third, our programs are designed with girls in mind, and we offer a place where they have the opportunity to grow, learn and play in a safe, supportive environment. All programs are facilitated by Girls Incorporated staff who have been trained in Girls Inc. programming.

Does Girls Inc. of the Central Coast serve only low-income areas or at-risk girls?

Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast’s mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart, and bold. We currently serve specific communities and schools based on determined need and available funding.

How many staff members does Girls Inc. of the Central Coast have?

Girls Incorporated has 7 full-time and 30 part-time staff (Youth Leaders) 12-16 Volunteer mentors. The organization is led by a volunteer board of directors.

Is there a Boys Incorporated?

No, there is currently not an official Boys Incorporated organization that is affiliated with Girls Incorporated.

Does Girls Inc. of the Central Coast collaborate with other organizations?

Yes, Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast collaborates as needed with other organizations to form mutually beneficial relationships and offer more programs and services to our girls.

How far in advance do you plan?

Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast operates on a three to five year strategic plan. Our calendar and fiscal year runs from July-June. Girls Incorporated of the Central Coast plans programs and activities on an ongoing basis. We accept sponsorships and donations throughout the year and use funds accordingly.

What are some of your challenges (helping girls, raising money, etc.)?

Girls Inc. operates on a limited budget, relying heavily on gift support from individuals, corporations, and grants. For every girl that we serve, there are countless other girls throughout the Central Coast that need our help.

Ways to Support

Partner with us and support our girls in their quest to become Strong, Smart, and Bold.